Nicholas Lewis

To be a student athlete at St Andrews truly offered the best of both worlds – a world class education, along with the exceptional opportunity to continue to play a sport that I love and had up till that point been a large part of my life. Playing a sport, specifically football here at St Andrews has truly been one of the best parts of my University experience, and thinking back on it, makes me feel very lucky to have been a part of it. Many of my favourite memories come from my experiences with the Football Club, and I will remember them fondly.

My University experience at St Andrews would most certainly not have been as fulfilling and as enriching as it has been if I had have not played football. It provided a group of almost instant friends, incredible experiences, and an almost lifetime of memories.

Kate Little

Being a part of football has been absolutely transformational for me. I am certain that my university experience would not have been so incredibly positive had I not joined a sports team.

Joining football made me feel a part of the university community: I could contribute to university life by representing the university at weekly matches across the country. I am proud to say that I am on the football performance programme and I have learned so much from the experience.

Besides enhancing my fitness and wellbeing, football has given me numerous skills which I can confidently transfer to my academic and professional career. I have frequently spoken about football at job interviews and I am certain that it in turn has made me a well-rounded, resilient and capable person.

Issac Bonisteel

I’ll always remember the friends that I made through the football club, winning the Queen’s Park Shield for the 1st time in 75 years, and the countless training sessions and gym sessions with my team. The football club has a really positive atmosphere around it, it’s made me feel really welcome and will be a big part of what I remember from my time in St Andrews.

Playing football has given me the opportunity to travel around Scotland for away days, meet people from outside of my course, and have goals beyond doing well academically. This is in addition to improving my ability to communicate, lead and support others, and work hard towards a goal. Being a part of football has been a very fulfilling part of my student experience, and one that I’ll miss after graduating.

Caroline McKechnie

Playing football has been a huge part of my St Andrews life. I truly can’t imagine uni without the structure and community that football has given me. I never found the balance between academic and sporting commitments to be too stressful, instead I think that training and games gave me more structure to better manage my time.

Winning the league this year was another moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. I was running on adrenaline for about a week after and couldn’t stop smiling. Another moment that sticks out for me and made me really happy was when a few of the freshers on my team told me that they wanted to win the league not only for themselves, but for the leavers and the ones who came before them. To me that was a really special full circle moment because it captured exactly how I have felt since first year and I was so excited to see that they had bought into the program.

Being part of football has given me a sense of purpose and something to work towards outside academics. I really appreciate the discipline and passion sport has instilled in me over the past 4 years. St Andrews helped me truly fall back in love with football.  

Michael Cameron

The best memory I have would be winning the QPS in my 3rd year – not just for the final but the intensity of all the games leading to it.

Football has been a big part of my university career, not just in terms of time, but shaping the friends I made and the experiences that I will take away.

There are a lot of skills and experiences that I can take from the last 4 years, predominantly performing under pressure and learning from everyone you can.  



Eloise Lobenthal

I can easily say that my life would have been less interesting and less well rounded had I not joined the Football club. Having an ability to get out of town on a Wednesday and get some healthy distance from work and uni anxieties has been so important to me.

Playing sports at St Andrews provides a different pace and different kind of work that has balanced my degree work and ultimately made me a better student. Finally, I think that football has given me so many opportunities to grow as a leader that I would not have otherwise had. This has exposed me to many different types of roles and helped me establish my strengths and weaknesses. I have learned to collaborate with many different types of people, but most of all I have made the best friends in the world.

Elliott Dixon

I will forever look back at my time in St Andrews with fond memories of the football club. From the first minute of pre season, to my last Fife league game, being a part of the men’s football club was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. During my 4 years in St Andrews the club helped me to develop significantly – in both a playing and coaching capacity. I feel privileged to have been a part of one of the most successful periods in the club’s decorated history.

With continued expansion, coupled with the founding of a club motto, I have no doubt that the men’s football club is set to sustain the success experienced during my time within the program. Whilst I may have graduated, I will forever feel a connection with the club, and will continue to follow the club’s success going forward.

Our Legacy. Be Remembered.

Marcela Zamora

My favorite moment was drawing Edinburgh 2s in my 2nd year. We started the season awful. Statistically, we were the worst team in the league. But we all developed the weirdest sense of sisterhood and pride on our wee family: the doobles.

From this came chants, unconditional camaraderie and a team identity of being the weirdest. We ended up drawing the best team in the league by the end of the first semester, and… if I could go back to that moment. To see everyone absolutely exhausted looking up, crying, laughing, falling to the floor, hugging each other, was the coolest thing I think I have ever seen. If you were there on that pitch, you know what I mean. It was so special, and I’ll take it to the grave. We’re so much more than just football players, we’re a family.

Rebecca Mitchell

Attending Women’s Football’s Give It a Go in my first year was the best decision I made at St Andrews.

In the football program, I was challenged as a player, a leader, and a person to aim higher and strive for greatness not only for myself but for my team, my club, and the amazing women who worked alongside me.

At the end of every summer I found myself prickling with anticipation for my return to St Andrews and for preseason with the club. And to this day, I find myself filled with emotion at the irreplaceable experience I shared and at the prospect of what experiences the younger players I know and future players will share.

Luke Bain

My favourite moment here was falling to my knees on a rain soaked mud bath and screaming to the Gods after watching the ball trickle over the line in the last minute to grab a 4-4 draw away to Leslie Hearts in the Fife League Play Offs. Pure unbridled joy that will never be matched.