Women 2s – Head Coach Season Review

Thursday 19 March 2020

The season of 19/20 for the Womens twos has been one of ups, success learning and growth.

Having been promoted from 3A to 2A in 2018/19 with a fantastic run of form, with no league losses and not one goal conceded, as we team, we were ready for the challenge but knew this was going to a huge step. With the core of the starting 11 graduating, the club and team were excited to recruit new talent in preparation for our 2019/20 season.

Give it a go proved fruitful and the Womens 2s recruited a great variety of player and an array of abilities, ranging from those who hadn’t played football in some time to those who had been playing competitive football since childhood.

Given the mix of abilities and new team dynamics, it took a few games to find their rhythm and know how each other played. Before long, they were stringing together passes and working the ball up the field with the help of effective leadership from experienced players and Captain, Page Light.

The team dynamic and individual skills built up over the course of the season kept the momentum strong and the team stepped up their game and scored in every match played.

Scoring goals was great, but we also had lots of work to stop us conceding. A run of losses seen us in situation where we had to win our final game versus Heriot Watt, and we did! Final score on the day, 4-2.

it was an impressive achievement for a squad which consisted of many new players. The goal was stay in 2A, which is massive achievement given that we were a young, newly promoted side.

Well done to the Womens 2s squad and I look forward to starting a new season in September 2020

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